Apple MetalFX Upscaling Technology for Mac Gaming Unveiled

Apple Metal is the fruity Cupertino outfit’s equivalent of DirectX. It’s an API that lets games developers tap into the hardware inside Apple platforms, for faster and more responsive gaming. Alongside the introduction of the first M2 Macs and new Metal 3 on Monday, we learned about MetalFX Upscaling for the first time.

Watch the Apple WWDC2022 keynote video segment, where MetalFX Upscaling is addressed here, or you can play the embedded video above and mouse forward to about 1 hour and 22 minutes. The gaming segment lasts about three or four minutes and includes a talk from a senior member of Capcom’s Resident Evil Village development team.

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple’s technology reveal starts with an explanation that MetalFX Upscaling uses a mix of “high quality spatial upscaling techniques and temporal anti-aliasing.” The video of No Man’s Sky running as part of the presentation isn’t very meaningful as we aren’t told what hardware is being used to run this game, nor do we have any performance statistics.

We get a deeper explanation of MetalFX Upscaling and its potential from the Capcom executive in the video. He talks us through the graphical features and performance of Apple hardware in Resident Evil Village. The exec claims that Apple Silicon is becoming a great platform for gaming, and in this segment we see some gameplay footage, which is said to be “screaming” fast on new Macs thanks to Metal 3 advances. The video shows fluid movement through complex scenes with purported high quality textures, geometry, and complex shaders used.

(Image credit: Apple)

Some rough performance estimates are provided by the Capcom executive. He says that using the latest MacBook Air, Resident Evil Village was “running effortlessly at 1080p.” For higher resolution gaming, it was stated that the Mac Studio provided a “breathtaking 4K experience.” Overall, a good experience could be had on “every Mac with Apple Silicon” according to the game developers. We’d assume that means at least 30 fps, but no hard figures were provided.

Both No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village for Mac will be released later this year.


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