ASMPT, a global high-tech company, is a leading provider of highly integrated hardware and software solutions. They are an enabler of the digital world.

Dae-Sung Kim, Managing Director for Korea, Thailand and Vietnam of ASMPT SMT Solutions

ASMPT SMT Solutions Dae-Sung Kim, Managing Director for Korea, Thailand and Vietnam of ASMPT SMT Solutions ⓒ so-yeon park / photo by sung-rae park

ASMPT SMT Solutions Dae-Sung Kim, Managing Director for Korea,

Thailand and Vietnam of ASMPT SMT Solutions ⓒ so-yeon park / photo by sung-rae park

As the pace of technological advancement accelerates, the resilience of companies to respond to change is a key variable for sustainable growth. ASMPT has been at the forefront of helping companies automate and digitize their production lines with the most advanced solutions to improve resilience. Being the only equipment manufacturer to offer solutions for both the semiconductor and surface mount technology (SMT) industries, ASMPT combines the technology and knowledge of both fields to offer Advanced Packaging solutions, supporting the industry’s transformation.


ASMPT has led industrial innovation by supplying key solutions for electronics manufacturing

Based in Singapore, ASMPT is the world’s largest provider of back-end equipment. It has a reputation being a leader in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, and is known as the only company in the world to provide a comprehensive portfolio for all major stages of electronics manufacturing, from chip interconnect carriers to chip assemblies and packaging to SMT. In terms of the breadth and depth of process expertise, it has a solid position unmatched by any supplier. They provide hardware and software for many of the electronic devices we use every day, including mobile devices, cameras, computers, internet infrastructure, automobiles, electric vehicles, smart home systems, medical and industrial electronics, and more. Managing Director Dae-Sung Kim explained that any device that contains electronics will utilize ASMPT’s solutions in some way during development and deployment.

ASMPT SMT Solutions (ASMPT SMT), a segment under ASMPT, is responsible for implementing and supporting intelligent smart factories for electronic manufacturing companies around the world. ASMPT SMT solutions support the networking, automation, and optimization of central workflows with hardware, software, and services so that electronic manufacturers can gradually transition to intelligent factories and enjoy dramatic improvements in productivity, flexibility, and quality. With its integrated open automation concepts for the intelligent factory, ASMPT SMT optimizes economically feasible automation, entirely in accordance with their individual requirements – modular, flexible, and vendor-independent.

ASMPT SMT provides hardware and software such as “SIPLACE placement solutions”, which sets the standard of performance, accuracy and flexibility based on innovative hardware and smart software, together with versatile placement heads that can be shared across machine platforms, from small manufacturing to mass production, “DEK printing solutions”, which has hardware, innovative print heads and fully automatic paste dispensers, and “Software Suite WORKS”, which optimally designs and manages workflow to make work easier and make the most of production lines for smart factories.

Maintaining close relationships with customers and technology partners with its differentiated solution scope and deep expertise, ASMPT works closely with customers to understand their needs and to develop solutions to bring their creative product ideas to life.

ASMPT strives to drive technological innovation in the industry and is the melting pot of semiconductor and SMT manufacturing. Additionally, ASMPT recognizes its responsibility to society and the environment and places a high priority on ESG in the industry such as with the “net zero 2023” goal.


Presenting the optimal solution for implementing ‘SiP’ that has emerged as a key trend in SMT manufacturing

In the semiconductor process, the most important trend in SMT manufacturing sector this year is undoubtedly System in Packaging (SiP). SiP, which accelerates processing by arranging and packaging chips with different sizes and functions, has shown high growth potential by being applied to smartphones and wearable devices. Also, with technology and processes becoming more complex and the need for miniaturization growing, SiP is positioned as the only way to meet them.

In the past, SMT and die production were considered separate areas, but now it is necessary to integrate into the high-speed SMT line in respond to new needs. Hence, this requires a new, hybrid generation of machines to increase efficiency and accuracy by combining the two processes.

Managing Director Dae-sung Kim explained that flexibility and speed are the most important points. The mounting machine that supports SiP must be able to handle sensitive dies as well as existing tape-packaged SMDs. This requires a very accurate mounting capability that can be defined for each component, and there should be a machine’s internal quality control and a high-resolution camera that can detect cracks or broken parts of the die to support it. In addition, in order to meet the mounting speed of the high-speed SMT line, several units have been connected in series so far. However, this method requires considerable space and cost, so improvement is necessary.

ASMPT has accumulated vast expertise over the years to offer alternative solutions. As the world’s only supplier to serve both the back-end market targeting traditional manufacturers and post-processing (OSAT) companies related to semiconductor testing and packaging, as well as SMT plants operated by OEMs and service providers, they boast a wide back-end product portfolio ranging from laser-based wafer separation machines and die and wire bonders to encapsulation and molding, testing and unification systems. Managing Director Dae-sung Kim strongly said that ASMPT has optimal prerequisites for implementing SiP.

A case in point is the SIPLACE TX micron, which is based on the proven SIPLACE TX placement machine. The machine boasts a hybrid platform with a standard accuracy of 20with a maximum benchmark performance of 93,000cph. It also allows to serve the three accuracy classes in one single machine. Using options such as vacuum tooling, the accuracy of the SIPLACE TX micron increases to 15or even up to 10. In particular, super-thin dies with heights of only 50 to 70and latest-generation 0201m components must be picked up, moved and placed with exceptional gentleness to avoid damage and thus costly declines in yield. While very smooth pickup, movement, and mounting must be done, all central actual parameters of the SIPLACE TX micron, such as pickup positions, illumination setting for the vision system, dip force, travel speed, and mounting force, support to define for each individual component down to touchless pickup, mounting and a zero mounting force. In addition, all mounting forces and process variables can be applied on the same placement head, reducing the hassle of hardware reconfigurations.

It has also revolutionized conveyor and feeder technology. The Multi-Purpose Dual Conveyor TX provides additional transport capacity to further expand the bandwidth of the production line. It is now possible to handle very heavy or heavily warped PCBs without any problems. In addition, the 4mm, 8mm, and 2×8mm SIPLACE Smart Feeder Xi models have adjusted their feeder technology to meet the new requirements. For the smallest components, they now offer a 4mm feeder, and the new 8mm and 2×8mm feeders position the components faster and more accurately as well. As a result, manufacturers can use modern micro-tapes or level the bottoms of the tape pockets with a vacuum system making it easier to pick up components correctly.


ASMPT SMT Solutions Dae-Sung Kim, Managing Director for Korea, Thailand and Vietnam of ASMPT SMT Solutions ⓒ so-yeon park / photo by sung-rae park

ASMPT SMT Solutions Dae-Sung Kim, Managing Director for Korea,

Thailand and Vietnam of ASMPT SMT Solutions ⓒ so-yeon park / photo by sung-rae park

ASMPT’s technology ensures high production yields by eliminating complex module assembling and processing in a limited space

Using SiP technology eliminates the need for many individual enclosures and makes it possible to assemble complex modules in the smallest of spaces. It also provides benefits to the production process. In principle, the die can be taken directly off the wafer, which eliminates a complex work step: the die taping. This means speed improvement. ASMPT’s hybrid SIPLACE CA2 placement platform reduces the gap between processes with a storage buffer. By separating the process of removing the die from the wafer from the mounting process, it can be used not only to get closer to the speed of SMT, but also to pick up the die directly from the wafer. This is achieved by an equipment occupying a space of only 2.56×2.50m (length×width). SIPLACE CA2 can handle up to 50 different wafers, and the wafer changeover time is only 10 seconds. In addition to the multi-die function and the function of using multiple wafers at the same time, it is equipped with a single die level tracking function that uniquely connects each individually processed die to a specific location on a specific wafer, and tracks the mounting and processing location of each die in more detail.

Another important feature is that it supports fast substrate mapping by electronically receiving information on a defective substrate from the manufacturer’s server, etc., only with the individual code of the substrate circuit. SIPLACE CA2, which supports the omission of the entire die taping process, also has a direct impact on the return on investment. In a 24-hour SiP production environment, SIPLACE CA2 saves 800 km of tape per year. In less than a year, the investment cost can be recovered. The ability to reduce 800 km of plastic waste is also an important point towards sustainable production.

The new hybrid platform can be effectively integrated on the same production line. Manufacturers can effectively prepare for the future of SiP technology while utilizing the best combination of performance and flexibility. Managing Director Dae-sung Kim recommended looking at ASMPT’s entire product and service portfolio. They provide innovative solutions that not only meet the complex requirements of customers in the semiconductor sector but also improving the efficiency, quality, and reliability of the manufacturing process.


ASMPT SMT Solutions Dae-Sung Kim, Managing Director for Korea, Thailand and Vietnam of ASMPT SMT Solutions ⓒ so-yeon park / photo by sung-rae park

ASMPT SMT Solutions Dae-Sung Kim, Managing Director for Korea,

Thailand and Vietnam of ASMPT SMT Solutions ⓒ so-yeon park / photo by sung-rae park

The power of technology to make imagination a reality; an innovative future is opened by ASMPT

ASMPT is a global company that has achieved success and growth across regions and countries, under the value of POWER (Passion, Ownership, Win, Excellence, and Respect). With customer satisfaction as its top priority, ASMPT provides and support customers with its cutting-edge technology, market-leading products, and comprehensive services. Managing Director Dae-sung Kim said that ASMPT provides the necessary services and supports even when customers expand domestically or globally. It is explained that it supports Korean customers to improve productivity, profitability, and resilience anywhere in the world. We also work hard to cultivate human resources for this. ASMPT operates training centers and internship programs to support human resources development and technology advancement.

“Korea has established itself as a very important market. ASMPT SMT participates in corporate management. Many success stories that enhance corporate value are contributing to the development of new markets in Vietnam, Thailand, and India. We will do our best to leave our name as respected by our juniors there.”

Since his first job at a Korean manufacturing site 30 years ago, where it relies on production technologies from Japan and the U.S., Managing Director Dae-sung Kim has been interested in various production technologies and has been carrying out his work. After learning German technologies, he joined Siemens and introduced advanced technologies to Korea. He worked at the Singapore headquarters from 2008 to 2010, and has developed customized technologies with Korean companies with excellent technologies, contributing to the expansion of the global market for semiconductors, electronic assembly and automation processes. Many Korean companies are still working with ASMPT. Managing Director Dae-sung Kim said it is very rewarding to see customer companies expand globally by making technological advances.

SMT Manufacturing has been constantly changing and developing. Managing Director Dae-sung Kim strongly said that the roots of these technologies lie in what we think and imagine. It is a pledge to help customers develop their technologies by imagining what ASMPT will do and how ASMPT will implement the digital world. As a key partner for electronic manufacturers, we support the advancement of technology and respond to rapidly changing technology trends. We are leading innovation in the manufacturing industry with a wide range of solutions.

“The evolution of technology is ongoing. It can be faster than we can imagine, or new technologies can emerge that we can never imagine. ASMPT is a company that faces these changes, contemplates, researches and innovate on them. Facing these changes and new markets, we will embrace them and move forward with joy.”

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