CoolWallet App Launches Web3 Hot Wallet To Help Novice Crypto Users Self-Custody Safely

TAIPEI, Dec. 18, 2022 /CNW/ — Blockchain security firm CoolBitX, maker of the award-winning CoolWallet hardware wallet, has launched CoolWallet HOT: a new software wallet module in its CoolWallet App that will enable all crypto users to self-custody their crypto assets with confidence.

The new CoolWallet HOT integration provides the CoolWallet App with a versatile platform to onboard powerful Web3 features faster and helps bolster the industry-wide movement of crypto self-custody among novice mainstream users who don’t use cold storage yet.

CoolWallet App users can switch with a simple screen tap between CoolWallet HOT and the CoolWallet COLD, its hardware wallet module which remains unchanged and completely isolated.

Early CoolWallet HOT users that try the in-app staking or exchange services will get an exclusive NFT, which will give holders a 20% discount on a CoolWallet hardware wallet. Early supporters will also qualify for future CoolWallet token airdrops.

CoolWallet HOT Targets Web3 Wallet Security

Web3 adoption has been accelerating despite scams and collapses of centralized crypto custodians like FTX during the 2022 crypto winter. In this landscape, CoolBitX decided to introduce a safer option for all crypto users looking to self-custody their funds through the CoolWallet App.

The hot wallet module is only available on the CoolWallet App, which now becomes an exciting fully-fledged Web3 hub. CoolWallet Pro and S users retain the same user experience, but will now be able to move funds to their hot wallet to access new features and coin support faster.

CoolWallet App: What’s New?

  • Enhanced Coin Support: users can enjoy more supported mainnet cryptos and their ecosystems’ custom tokens.
  • Enhanced Marketplace features: users can enjoy integrations with WalletConnect, OpenSea, exchanges and more.
  • Improved ease-of-use: the brand new and intuitive user interface is designed to give users all the information you need at a glance.

At launch CooWallet HOT will support EVM-compatible chains, WalletConnect, and OpenSea with new features integrated periodically afterwards.

Download the official CoolWallet App from Google Play and Apple App Store.

About CoolBitX

CoolBitX has been championing crypto mass adoption through superior non-custodial wallet technology since 2014. Its card-sized CoolWallet hardware wallet range, launched in 2016, offers industry-first portable retail cold storage that allows users to transact anywhere with confidence.


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