Dell Technologies and Intel are decoding the Future of Work for a productive, collaborative Hybrid Workplace

Dell Technologies and Intel bring the ‘best in class’ cloud model and other innovations, encompassing end user devices to help digitally transform organisations engaged in the hybrid workplace environment. 

The modern business workflow is anchored by the hybrid work model and has evolved beyond the pre-pandemic workplace relics — with employees demanding greater flexibility and autonomy in where they choose to work and how their time is utilized. To gain a competitive advantage, organizations need to gain a deeper understanding of people’s individual needs in the post-pandemic hybrid era and how they can support them.

According to the organizations surveyed for Foundry’s 2023 CIO Tech Priorities report, more than half of tech leaders (51%) plan to increase IT budgets in the coming year, with a continued investment in end user devices for the hybrid workforce. Customers too, are demanding seamless service levels and experiences, which is driven by several factors but has employee experience as one of its key drivers.

The CIO Exchange event on 19th July 2023 accentuated how end-user devices will shape up in the future, affecting employee engagement and workforce productivity. The event in Bengaluru, India was attended by leading CIOs and CTOs, hosted by Foundry, in association with Intel and Dell Technologies.

Enabling modern workplaces and enhancing workforce productivity in a Hybrid world, Vivekanand Manjeri, Brand Director, Client Solutions Business, Dell India at the event said, “Dell is not new to the hybrid workforce paradigm, because we embraced this nearly a decade ago. While challenges present themselves in the form of tighter budgets, we realized that the choice of technology, especially from an endpoint perspective, impacts the productivity outcomes, which in turn impact employee experience and thus the user experience.”

Intel is helping CIOs and their team overcome challenges faced by enterprises on building a hybrid modern workplace, added Sanjay Aghara, System Software Architect – Client Computing Group, Intel. According to him, the post-pandemic era raised many previously hidden issues to the surface, such as security, remote management and performance parameters of the devices itself. The performance criteria increased greatly. To meet them, Intel offers Intel vPro® platform that establishes tenets of performance, security, stability and manageability.

Security of End devices a concern/ Securing the perimeter

With hybrid work and an intense focus on keeping data and applications secure, enterprises need to invest in solutions that are simple, flexible, and secure.

Dell CSG product family in 2023 presents several devices that deliver technology with end-user experience, such as Latitude 9440 2-in-1 laptop, their smallest, lightest, and most collaborative 2-in-1 PC. “Additionally, with a chassis that is 75% recycled aluminium, we are combining sustainability with user experience. We also launched Precision 5680, with a 4K OLED display, best touch experience and the best i9 Intel processor,” says Vivek.

Throughout the upcoming year, CIOs will focus their time and expertise on security management, the #1 reason for mounting tech budgets in 2023, primarily driven by the emergence of hybrid workforce, as per State of the CIO Survey by Foundry.

Besides Dell Trusted Workspaces, Dell also offers hardware tools like Dell SafeBIOS and Dell SafeIT which ensure that security is not compromised, and user credentials are securely encrypted. Sanjay elucidates, “Dell SafeBIOS employs Intel’s security technology. And we have implemented this security technology at both the hardware and processor level, which enables security in OEMs like Dell for products like the Dell SafeBIOS.”

Continuing on this theme, Sanjay added, “Intel® Hardware Shield on Intel vPro® Windows-based PCs provides the most comprehensive security for your business. With Intel® TDT, security vendors can augment and enhance the behavioral detectors in their own security solutions with hardware-based sensors that profile malware as it executes on the CPU. Intel® TDT leverages the Intel integrated GPU for security agent offload from the CPU. Offloaded processes may include AI, accelerated memory scanning, or any performance-intensive security workload.”

Sustainability comes to the fore

As per findings of the State of the CIO Report 2023 by Foundry; Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is also having a marginal impact on the CIO role and IT buying plans. CIOs are being tasked to adhere to ESG standards and lean towards selecting clean information technology, cited by 64% of IT leaders as per the survey.

Dell has always been a pioneer in sustainability and sustainable devices. Vivek elucidates, “With sustainability being a core goal for Dell Technologies since 2006, it encompasses several different aspects like sourcing, environmentally friendly material, packaging and longevity, to measure sustainability as a goal across the value chain. We are the only OEM which offers close to fully-recycled PCs, driving down our carbon footprint.”

He sheds light on the Dell Optimizer present in all Dell PCs today, an AI/ ML based software with the notable ‘Express Charge’ feature, which accelerates charging significantly while ensuring that power consumption of the device is optimized. “We have also made provisions that a PC doesn’t charge unless its power drops below a certain percentage, hugely supporting power conservation and protecting the battery, elongating the life of your device.”

Intel, of course, has formidable goals. Today, Intel’s manufacturing process uses nearly 80% of renewed electricity, which will move to 100% by 2030. Sanjay of Intel explained, “We need to look at sustainability from the perspective of how a device is born. Intel has its own independent sustainable manufacturing process for making processors.”

It is through these efforts that Intel consistently tops the lists of companies when it comes to sustainability endeavours, says Sanjay.


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