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nJoy is thrilled to announce that it is prospecting the rapidly growing IT sector in Africa. As a leading innovator in technology solutions, nJoy is excited to bring its expertise to the African market, where digital transformation is gaining significant momentum. Our commitment to fostering technological advancement and empowering businesses aligns perfectly with the opportunities and challenges present in the African IT landscape.

We are particularly excited about our participation in GITEX AFRICA 2024, where we had the opportunity to engage with a multitude of potential partners and clients. This event is a hub for innovation and collaboration, and we were proud to showcase our latest offerings, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships. The enthusiasm and energy at GITEX AFRICA 2024 reflect the tremendous potential of the African IT sector, and nJoy would be thrilled to be part of this transformative journey. We met diverse and talented professionals at the event and explored how we can work together to drive technological progress across the continent.

Who are we?

The idea of ​​creating a brand deeply rooted in the IT industry was developed due to the passion and experience accumulated, as well as the work ethics and the sense of collaboration. The resulting nJoy brand was first introduced in 2010 with the launch of the first products, a universal laptop charger and a memory stick. Understanding the market needs in 2011 in Romania and relying on the available technical knowledge, we began the development of the first UPS series. In 2015, we realized that industries adjacent to the IT environment could benefit from innovation in the field, so we started providing solutions to challenges in the security and electrical infrastructure environment. In 2021, we began investing our resources into the solar inverters segment and its battery storage solution.

We consistently provide creative solutions to various problems, starting from the initial idea, supporting the production process, and subsequent implementation. We didn’t limit ourselves to just creating products and services, but we share expertise with our partners regarding specific UPS technical solutions in a specialized environment.

Consult our website for complete details about our products and projects (www.nJoy.Global).

What do we do?

We believe that collaboration is the key to tackling today’s emerging business challenges. We don’t sell our products directly; instead, we entrust them to our esteemed collaborators. We work hard to develop an extensive network of reliable partners, from various channels and businesses such as distribution, system integration and electrical installation.

See more details about the sales channels that we support (https://apo-opa.co/3RpbPjN).

The concepts of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) have always been part of our vision as an IT&C solutions manufacturer because they offer us the necessary flexibility to provide partners with vast experience in manufacturing units or components based on the provided design sketch (OEM), as well as manufacturing from scratch according to our own design with clearly defined clients’ specifications (ODM).

Learn more about products in production or already launched (https://apo-opa.co/4bQmD2N).

We keep our product portfolio in high regard and we are very picky about the output of our work. We strive to offer a quality solution for every price range in every category such as:

  • Electrical protection dedicated to electrical and electronic systems in residential, commercial and industrial settings (UPS, AVR along with additional installation, maintenance, servicing, warranty etc.).
  • Solar power generation products: inverters and battery storage solutions.
  • PC power supply ranges along with PC cases.

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About nJoy:
nJoy is a Romanian IT brand owned by DAI-TECH S.A., on which the company began to concentrate its efforts starting from June 2010. The company is formed by a group of people who share a passion for technology and a desire to succeed. They crystallized nJoy to do things differently and to add value to each product and service they launch. They have managed to establish themselves in the segment of electrical architecture protection in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Tunisia, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Lebanon, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, and pursue continuous territorial expansion. Since its inception, the company has sold over 1,000,000 units.

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