Intel: 4nm, 3nm-Class Nodes on Track, 1.8nm Technology Pulled in

At the IEDM conference, Intel shared its process technology roadmap and its vision for chip designs that will be available in the next three to four years. As expected, Intel’s next-generation fabrication processes — Intel 4 and Intel 3 — are on track to be used for high-volume manufacturing (HVM) in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Furthermore, the company’s 20A and 18A production nodes will be ready for HVM in 2024, which means that 18A will be made available ahead of schedule, a slide published by IEEE Spectrum (opens in new tab) suggests.

Intel’s Technologies Between Now and 2025

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Node: Intel 7 Intel 4 Intel 3 Intel 20A Intel 18A
Status: HVM Ready Now Ready in H2 2023 Ready in H1 2024 Ready in H2 2024
Notable Products: Raptor Lake, Sapphire Rapids Meteor Lake Granite Rapids, Sierra Forest Arrow Lake Future Lake, Future Rapids, IFS

NOTE: Process technology readiness does not mean HVM start.

Intel 4 Ready Today, Intel 3 Due in H2 2023


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