Upcoming initiatives 2023 | Information Systems & Technology Annual Report

Refresh and renewal of many departmental systems, including The Centre, AccessAbility Services, and Athletics.

Information Systems (IS)

Significant upgrade of functionality, including a modernized user interface, for Quest.

IS Procure and implement a digital accessibility tool to help website and content creators with creation of accessible content, and to meet the University’s compliance obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). IS Implementation of a workspace management system to support the University’s flexible work arrangement policy by allowing hotelling desk space to be booked by employees on campus.  IS

Partnering with the Office of Research to examine the opportunity for efficiencies and streamlining in Research Administration information systems at Waterloo.

IS Continued definition, and gathering, of institutional data to support the central data repository (Data Lake) initiative. IS Replacement of Infoblox with SOLIDServer Efficient IP product. The current hardware is at the end of its life and support. The SOLIDServer Efficient IP system is aimed to be more cost effective, easier to use and provide increased performance. Technology Integrated Services (TIS) Planned upgrade of core, distribution, external, and residence core network infrastructure. The current hardware is reaching its end of life and support. Replacing the entire environment all at once is more cost effective and provides a simpler design with greater throughput and higher interface speeds. TIS Telephony upgrade to replace Avaya and Skype 4 Business platforms. This project will replace the entire environment with a modern unified solution. TIS, Client Services (CS) Completed a market review of access control products. Pilot of new solution, which will provide enhanced usage, integrations, and safety for the University community, will take place in 2023. TIS IT Asset Management project using Atlassian’s integrated “Assets” management tool. CS Implementation of Atlassian’s OpsGenie Alerts tool to support reporting, service alerts, and on-call management. CS, TIS Implementation of EndPoint Management Consultation recommendations. CS, TIS Identification and implementation of EndPoint Detection and Response solution. CS, TIS, Information Security Services (ISS) Development of improved policies and guidelines surrounding sustainable IT initiatives (e.g., IT energey use, procurement). CS Investigation and development of campus-wide intranet. CS, TIS Advance resources available in support of research computing to help achieve University’s strategic objectives. CS Jira Service Management usability assessment CS Upgrades to WatIAM, Grouper and Duo two-factor authentication (2FA) services. ISS Investigation into Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solutions. ISS Implementation of cyber security awareness training for University employees. ISS Technology-Ready Learning Spaces for Innovative Teaching: AV upgrade to hybrid technology for MC2065/2066 classroom renovations; possible accessibility and hybrid AV improvements; upgrade to hybrid technology in CTE’s training classroom; AV projector and other component rollover for centrally managed classrooms. Instructional Technologies and Media Services (ITMS) A number of deliverables within the Evolution of EdTech Ecosystem project will be in progress or scheduled for completion through 2023.  These include a full review and future recommendations of an EdTech support model, the possible launch of an EdTech instructor forum, evolving EdTech governance, developing a process for the creation, monitoring, and regular review/changes to an EdTech roadmap, development and implementation of an EdTech intake process, and development of a process for cyclical review of the EdTech ecosystem. ITMS Investigation towards a potential video content management system. ITMS The ITMS Studio will be vacating the EC5 space by January 31, 2023 and moving into short term space in MC. A subsequent project will be created to locate, prepare and move to a new permanent space with a full service offering. ITMS

Project(s) will be initiated based on the approved recommendations from the Learning Management System (LMS) Review and may be improvements to the current LMS (LEARN) or going to market for a new LMS.


The Peer Review Tool Evaluation project will review a number of potential solutions, including PEAR, to form a recommendation on a future centrally supported peer evaluation tool.


As a follow up to the results of the 2022 web collaboration project recommendations, consult with impacted stakeholders who use Webex and Webex boards to plan for the termination of central support for Webex services and costs.


A number of projects and initiatives may be required if the Teaching Innovation Incubator recommendations are approved, especially around the ITMS Studio and an EdTech sandbox.

ITMS Projects and initiatives in support of the digital learning strategy will be identified and prioritized, once approved, based on the recommendations. ITMS A number of the Teaching & Learning recommendations identified during the IT Review project are addressed through some of the work that is already in progress, especially through the project to evolve the EdTech ecosystem. Other projects to address potential improvements to classroom governance and support (including potential updates to the T&L Spaces website to increase transparency), and mechanisms to improve content and delivery sharing are being discussed and prioritized. A plan will be developed in 2023 for the timing of these new projects/initiatives. ITMS Support for Teams Live Events will transition to ITMS in 2023. A plan for this transition is still to be determined. ITMS Possible initiation of project(s) to ensure educational technologies and classrooms align with or exceed pending legal AODA requirements. ITMS Putting IT Review recommendations into action All IST groups 


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