Visit Ukraine – Ukrainian hardware companies: who are they and how are they conquering the world?

Ukrainian hardware companies: who are they and how are they conquering the world?

Today, few companies are represented on the Ukrainian IT market, but some of them have already conquered the world. Find out more about Ukrainian companies that produce high-tech products and why they are the driving force behind the miltech industry

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There are few product companies in the Ukrainian IT sector, and only a few that work not only in software but also in hardware. And according to Ekonomichna Pravda, the representatives of domestic hardware are very diverse: some of them have already conquered the world and have industrial production volumes and global expansion, while others have only a few dozen employees and are just starting out.

However, despite the fact that Ukrainian hardware is mentioned much less often than outsourcing or digital products, right now, during the war in Ukraine, these companies are giving birth to a miltech trend that could become a global market leader in the future.

We are telling you about Ukrainian tech companies in the hardware sector with reference to Ekonomichna Pravda.


This is a company that was born in 2012, and today it is one of the most successful and well-known Ukrainian startups. Petcube manufactures interactive HD cameras for pets that allow pet owners to monitor, talk to, and interact with their pets via their smartphones. In 2024, the company also introduced a GPS tracker that connects to mobile networks and transmits data on the pet’s location, routes, and activity to an app and dog treats. The company’s main mission is to connect pets to the Internet and give them a voice.


Ajax Systems

These are the undisputed leaders of the Ukrainian hardware industry. Today, Ajax is Europe’s largest manufacturer of professional security systems with smart home capabilities (devices for protection against intrusion, fire, flooding, as well as systems for comfort and productivity, etc.) Currently, the number of its users has reached more than 2.5 million in 187 countries. 


It should be noted that Ukrainians use Ajax products every day and may not even realize it, as the company is the developer of the Air Alert application that notifies of threats.

Esper Bionics

This is a company that specializes in manufacturing technological bionic limbs. Their Esper Hand robotic arms use sensors to read signals from the surviving muscles of the arm and convert them into commands. Currently, Esper Bionics manufactures prosthetics for military and civilian victims of war. They currently supply them only to Ukraine and the United States.

Photo: Esper Bionics

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Deus Robotics

Deus Robotics specializes in developing robots for warehouses. It currently has two models: a sorter and a transporter. These robots can sort, transport racks and pallets, and work with orders. However, the company does not have its own production facilities, so the robots are manufactured by the Odesa-based electronics plant Telekart-Prom.


Kodisoft creates interactive electronic tables for public places, including restaurants and food courts in shopping centers. Their tables can not only entertain guests with videos and games, but also take orders, make contactless payments, and recognize the shape of objects.

Ukrainian miltech industry in the hardware sector

Currently, Ukrainian miltech companies are switching to mass production, and of course, the war is contributing to this progress. Moreover, there are many different representatives among the new companies that focus not only on UAV production. Among them are:

– Zvook, an AI project that acoustically detects cruise missiles, helicopters, drones, and enemy fighters at low and medium altitudes;

– Logics7, a company that creates universal training systems for fire training of military UNITS;

– Skiftech, which creates tactical simulators based on laser technology.

And this is just a small part of those who are rapidly developing Ukrainian miltech and bringing the Victory closer.

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