The 27th China Hardware Fair perfectly ended in Yongkang, with increasing transaction volume and influence

YONGKANG, CHINA, April 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The 27th China Hardware Fair came to an successful end on March 19. According to the statistics of the exhibition organizers, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors reached 54,000 in 3 days, and the transaction amount was 8.756 billion yuan. The charm of China Hardware Fair was once again manifested this spring.

China Hardware Fair is regarded as the ‘barometer’ of China’s hardware industry and the ‘trend chart’ of world hardware development. The opening of this hardware fair can be said to have been brewing for a long time and eagerly awaited. On the first day of the exhibition, nearly 1,000 enterprises from more than 20 provinces (cities) across the country collectively appeared, including 273 first-time exhibitors. The proportion of exhibitors outside Yongwu County exceeded 62%, and the re-exhibition rate of leading enterprises in the industry reached 90%.

In addition to the lively atmosphere, various innovative hardware products were concentrated at the 3-day exhibition, including no shortage of ‘black technologies’. Above the conveyor belt, a mechanical hand flexibly rotated and quickly grabbed insulated cups to the heating plate. Then, the feed camera and discharge camera respectively photographed the thermal images of the insulated cup liner heating before and after heating. After algorithmic judgment, the temperature measurement inspection can be completed… At the booth of Beijing Soft Robotics Technology Co., Ltd., a science and technology fashion show with ‘wisdom’ is being staged.

This insulated cup temperature measuring instrument, which attracted countless eyes at the exhibition, is called Thermovisual Thermometer. “This is the first thermovisual visual temperature measurement analysis instrument in the industry. It can realize the automation, digitization and intelligence of the insulated cup temperature measurement process. At present, we have reached cooperation with Thermos, Jiayi and other leading brands in the insulated cup industry.” According to Zhou Lixiang, the person in charge of the booth, the insulation performance of the insulated cup needs to be tested by three temperature measurement procedures for vacuum detection. The traditional temperature measuring instrument adopts manual cup touching, which not only depends on manual experience, but also has pain points such as difficult quality control and cost reduction. Thermovisual Thermometer integrates thermovisual machine vision and artificial intelligence technology to realize non-contact real-time perception of insulated cup temperature, accurate temperature measurement, energy saving and low carbon. The accuracy rate is over 99.7%, and only 2 degrees of electricity are consumed per hour.

“Stewing tea is different from brewing tea and boiling tea. The tea leaves are stationary in the stewing pot, and the pot maintains a high temperature of 80 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius for a long time. However, since there is no boiling, most substances such as fragrances are retained. The aroma in the tea soup is more concentrated and the mouthfeel is richer and fuller. In the ‘Hardware Pavilion’ premium hardware life pavilion exhibition area, salesperson Huang Xiaochen was explaining the characteristics of the stewing tea thermos to several customers. “Compared with the traditional way of brewing tea, stewing tea with our stewing tea thermos is especially suitable for busy tea lovers who have no time to brew tea.”

The stewing tea thermos loved by young people caters to the new tea drinking habits of the present, and for busy office workers, it is an office tea artifact that can easily meet the daily needs of only 1 minute for tea and hot tea at any time.

For young people who want to drink tea but don’t know tea, the stewing tea thermos simplifies the cumbersome tea brewing process without having to study the brewing methods and utensils of different teas. It is also suitable for weekends and holidays outdoors, and is an outdoor tea artifact.

Relying on more than 20 years of accumulation and accumulation rooted in the fertile soil of Yongkang hardware, China Hardware Fair closely follows the development trend of the industry, has taken a professional, branded and international path, and has become a strong driving force for Yongkang’s transition from small hardware to large hardware and from traditional hardware to modern hardware, and an important breakthrough in building a ‘double cycle’ pattern.

Yu Huarong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the China Invention Association, said that holding a good China Hardware Fair is a practical action to firmly support and promote the healthy development of private economy. He said that since the co-initiation of the Hardware Fair, the China Invention Association has always strongly supported the innovation and development of the hardware industry, continuously absorbed advanced technology and promoted the transformation of invention achievements, and realized the transformation and upgrading of industrialization and branding of the hardware industry. He hopes that more excellent enterprises and products can participate in domestic and foreign invention exhibitions and technology innovation competitions through the organization, so that more hardware companies, hardware products and hardware invention and innovation talents can show their style and go to the world on the stage of national and global invention and innovation exhibitions.

In recent years, focusing on the high-quality development of the hardware industry, Yongkang has leveraged the driving forces such as inefficient rectification, digital transformation, innovation leadership, attracting large companies and brand empowerment, making the ‘furnace fire’ of the hardware industry burn more and more vigorously. At present, Yongkang has more than 150,000 operating entities, more than 16,000 industrial enterprises and more than 1,000 industrial enterprises above the quota. The modern hardware industrial cluster centered on Yongkang has been selected into the national advanced manufacturing industrial cluster.

In the warm March, the hardware resonated enthusiastically. Although the 27th China Hardware Fair ended, the magnetic effect of the exhibition will continue to appear, and the wonderful story of “making Yongkang hardware go to the world and gathering world hardware in Yongkang” will continue to be written.

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